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T-Bone memorial Frag Fest
OK so this is the 3rd annual Frag Fest in honour of ex {oToD}T-Bone.
For those of you who didnt know T-Bone he was my Dad. He was an avid UT99
player, and just started to learn how to build maps before he passed.
A little history on my Dad, Was retired, and had to find something to do in his spare time. in 2000 I ran a very large "Warez" Mirc channel and decided to start up a UT99 server (which I ran off my machine at home) We never did clan battles against other clans but we did rumble each other. The Clan was called [PEG]Inc (Peg for Winnipeg). We had about 12 members. The clan didnt last very long. After the collapse of [PEG]Inc I started playing online on a server called {oToD} where I met my now close friend Dentures. We hit it off and I decided to join {oToD} after I told my Dad I joined a clan, he had to be a part of it. So he joined as well. He decided he wanted to learn how to build maps. He met up with Dentures who showed him the basics and actually built a couple very small maps. This was something that he loved doing and he talked about it all the time, my mother was getting sick of hearing it actually hahaha. Me and T-Bone became very close because of UT99 and it is something that I miss sharing with him on a daily basis. Now that I am building maps for -=CoN=- I am sure he is up there looking down and hopefully is impressed. I dedicate all my maps to him.

I miss you T-Bone!!

We have help the Frag Fest the last 2 times on our {oToD} / -eXe- Servers and had
a very good turnout. Approx 40-60 different people show up through the night.

-=CoN=-MoM has been hitting other UT99 Clan websites and posting the info on
their forums to get the word out.

Please come out and join us for a night of what T-Bone loved to do... Head Shot people from around the world!!

See you then!!!

**See website for date and time
Sniping is poetry in slow motion, until I pull the trigger
In honor of your father's memory, Im gonna spank you... just like he used to. Spank
Sniping is poetry in slow motion, until I pull the trigger
Wouldn't miss it for the world Repo.
"Gotta be somebody needs some killin."
Sounds fun!!
I will be there.
sounds good look forward to it...its great to have a good relationship with your dad and he sounds like he enjoyed having one with you as well..
I will be there Repo. I miss fragging with T-Bone. He was a class act and fun to play with.
Wouldn't miss it for the worldThumbs Up


MoM&size2=4&color2=FF2317&font2=2101074&offset2=150&webm=2105471&dots=No&urlon=No&fullscreen=No&width=700&height=450&shadow=Yes"scrolling="no" frameborder="0"></iframe>
You Must Never Hesitate For that is the way of the Ninja
Never played him but repo I'll be there too
Scottish! not british
Great deathag!!
Sniping is poetry in slow motion, until I pull the trigger
-=CoN=-People_Skills wrote:

In honor of your father's memory, Im gonna spank you... just like he used to. Spank
got ts3 and ut all set back up and ready to go Rock I've Not played in a while Can't waitUzi
Scottish! not british
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