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Team -=CoN=- » General Public » Introductions
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Greetings O' Might Team -=CoN=-
Hi my -=CoN=- friends. Wow, nice site!

As some of you know, I am Gordo (Mark) from the =FSB= Clan. I've been playing UT off and on since the beginning, although over the years I have spent a lot more time on LAN games, than online games. Within the last two months I have been given the opportunity (ok, I was shoved into it) to learn about the Admin side of the server. I can't say thanks enough to the -=CoN=- members, and a whole host of others, that have been guiding =FSB=TotalHuni and myself through the process. The UT Community Rocks!

I hope to be visiting your servers again soon!


}{ I See Fragged People! }{
At my age, rolling out of bed in the morning is easy... Getting up off the floor is another story.
Glad to see you Gordo, I remember many of the members of =FSB= back in the day, can't count the number of times me and Meinkin had a blast just talking. A Big shout out to you guys, and welcome to the site!
It was good to play you the other night as well hope to do it more in the future.
Edited by -=CoN=-Twisted_Soul on 11-25-2013 12:41 AM
Hey Gordo. Good to see you. Look forward to playing some maps with you some time.

Take care and talk to you soon.

"Gotta be somebody needs some killin."
Hi Gordo! Played on your server for the first time with People Skills the other night. Had a great time and wow a 30 ping. Hope to see you around.
Thanks all for the warm welcome! It's always a pleasure to have our good friends from Team CoN visit us, and to visit y'all. Incredibly nice web site, btw. Happy Fraggin'!
At my age, rolling out of bed in the morning is easy... Getting up off the floor is another story.
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