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Team -=CoN=- » General Public » Bans & Appeals
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Hello to the Admin and to all members of Con. Today I was banned from the Con server, while i was talking to Trent on the Con Teamspeak. I was banned for the ADVERTISEMENT of the Mystyle server. My mentioning of the server was only for 1 on 1 play, I had no ideal of the "banning of players for asking a anohrer player for a match" ,and I had no ideal of any conflict you guys have with the server. My sincere appologies to the Admin, I have never been Banned from any server for any kind of reason. I can only hope the bann will be lifted soon. And again, my sincere Apology,Knightmare

First let me start with saying that by playing on our servers it is understood that players will abide by the rules posted here:

We do allow folks to make a single post about their clan and/or server in the introduction area but advertising and taking people away from our server is a big no no with me. Also [mystyle] is not my favorite group to put it lightly, see this post for background:

I don't have a problem with someone asking for a 1 on 1, my problem was with the blanket "Come to [mystyle] server" statement on the server done several times. Also just a side note -=CoN=- has a 1 on 1 server also. I would rather a PM be sent to the person, but that is not always an option. So requesting 1 on 1 going forward will be fine on any server, but IP broadcast is blocked.

With all that said I appreciate the way that you have handled this situation. I am a very big fan of respect and proper etiquette and you have exhibited both in your post. Please consider your ban removed and the issue dropped.

Thank you,

Thanks for the quick reply, I know you guys ,"admin" ,have to deal with alot of bad people, so going forward, the Con Clan will have my respect too, sir. See you guys later. Knightmare( Tony).
Sorry for jumping the gun on this. Thank you again for the way you handled the situation.

Look forward to seeing you on the server.



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You Must Never Hesitate For that is the way of the Ninja
He (Knightmare) was very very polite and freindly while he an i were an ts together when this happend.
Im glad that everything worked out here...
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